Tea With Chris: Self-Effacing

Tea With Chris is a roundup of recommended links, posted every Friday. Here are our favourite things from the internet this week:

Carl: Via my friend Sean Dixon, this entry from Toronto poet Sina Queyras’ always-interesting Lemon Hound blog, which usually concerns poetry, instead addresses itself to photographs, selective looking, wishful thinking and historical atrocities. It has the quality of a parable: Not only is it about how little separates humanity and inhumanity, but it asks: How much in our lives does affinity conceal from us?

Chris: Obviously this:

But here’s a strong, equally frivolous late challenger.

Margaux: I read a bit of “Exiles from Dialogue” (a book of interviews between Jean Baudrillard and Enrique Valiente Noailles) in the laundromat this week. Baudrillard, especially in this excerpt, sounds simultaneously like a grand god in the sky and a humble accountant on the ground – incapable of saying anything that is not technically true. So good. “We have undertaken to engineer our disappearance in an extremely complex and sophisticated way.”

Oh! Speaking of which (thanks Kathryn Borel), a song about engineering our own disappearance – with heart.

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  1. Paul M

    People still take Baudrillard seriously??