Tea With Chris: Popcrime

Tea With Chris is a roundup of recommended links, posted every Friday. Here are our favourite things from the internet this week:

Chris: The comics writer Grant Morrison, who develops meme-ready ideas at the pace other people build cars, recently described Batman’s ’60s villains as pop-criminals. British comics blog Mindless Ones took that stray reference and ran with it, elaborating on “popcrime” in a post somewhere between criticism and free-association performance. That’s their specialty.

Philip Glass does not commit popcrimes, but composing for Sesame Street (via David Balzer) might be the closest he ever got:

Margaux:“This reality-TV show is making me look fat.” I suspect art critic Jerry Saltz’s fucking hilarious article about being a judge on the reality show “WORK OF ART: The Next Great Artist”   might be more interesting than watching the show, but the show still sounds pretty interesting.

For people who grow or who would like to grow vegetables on their rooftops: Will Allen, a genius, grows enough food in 25,000 containers for Milwaukee’s northwest side neighborhood.

Carl: Back to the World has discussed Toronto actor Tracy Wright’s recent death. This is the email her partner Don wrote to communicate the experience of her last moments, sent to friends that week. To let Macleans magazine publish it this week was extremely generous. You don’t need to have known Tracy to understand it, but it will make you wish you had.

That piece demands being followed with a love song. In fact, it demands this one: New England folk singer Kath Bloom originally recorded “Come Here” in the mid-1970s. In 1995 Richard Linklater put it on the soundtrack to Before Sunset (the lesser but not inconsiderable sequel to one of my favourite movies), hoping to revive Bloom’s career. It didn’t, quite, but should have.

(And, DJ, this is also a ((figuratively)) long-distance dedication.)

To lighten things up… you’ve seen the Double-Rainbow Guy video and listened to the AutoTuned remix already, right? That’s all I’ve got.

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