Random Hollywood Production Request List for the Universe

by Margaux Williamson

Juliette Lewis, photo by David Hecker

1. I would like Owen Wilson to write another movie with Wes Anderson. Those movies make the world a little bit better.

2. I would like to see “Kick-Ass” again, but directed by someone else. I would like to see it through another director’s eyes. It is one of the best origin stories I have ever seen, but maybe too sadistic to recommend to anyone. It would be way more interesting than putting out “Kick-Ass 2” and I would be curious to see if another director would create the same results. Though I think Nicolas Cage and that little girl should play the same characters.

3. I don’t think the men in Judd Apatow movies need to grow up – they just need to hang out with women who have also “not grown up”. Funnier. I think Juliette Lewis would be a good place to start.

4. Speaking of which, more movies from Charlene Yi, please.

5. I would like to watch a reality-style movie staring Kristin Chenoweth, Craig Robinson and Joaquin Phoenix. I have a feeling that they don’t need anyone to write them lines.

6. It would be good if someone made a new movie using the footage from “The Matrix 2/3”. I would like to watch that movie.

7. I think Leonardo DiCaprio needs to try a comedy next.

8. I think Hollywood should have a big awesome conference on racism, sexism, classism and stupidity. I’m not pointing any fingers, but I am saying that conferences can be fun.



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2 responses to “Random Hollywood Production Request List for the Universe

  1. I had similar feelings about Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers’ Where The Wild Things are. It was a good try but shouldn’t be the definitive take on the source material, and since they have those nice sets and costumes maybe someone else could have a go at it.

  2. SV

    I’ll the second the idea of re-making Kick Ass. I thought the movie took a lot of what made the comic great for granted. I hated that we knew Big Daddy and Hit Girl existed before they turned up to save the day, that Big Daddy’s origin was made incredibly cliché, and that Kick Ass got the girl. In short they sucked all the individuality out of the story and replaced it with stock action movie crap.