Tea With Chris: Literally Just Chris This Week

Tea With Chris is a roundup of recommended links, posted every Friday. Here are a few of our favourite things from the Internet this week:

Chris: Margaux’s in the throes of a printing crisis, and Carl’s en route to Pop Montreal on the heels of his employer’s shiny new redesign, so it’s an all-Chris Tea With Chris. Two very different news stories from the U.S. caught my attention this week. The amusing comeuppance of right-wing “journalist”/investigative pimp/creepy misogynist James O’Keefe (who was rumbled while plotting to seduce a CNN reporter and thus prove the MSM is totally racist against white people) contains a dildo-filled-room’s worth of little comic details: “80s romance songs, things that are typically James.” Its grim counterpoint was a rash of gay teen suicides, a phenomenon that’s inspired many wise, compassionate responses. Tavia Nyong’o came up with one of the best, a tartly incisive essay connecting the suicides (and Tavia’s Heathers-era ambivalence over adult reactions to such tragedies) with 50 Cent, an obsessive Assistant Attorney General and scandalized closet-case pastor Eddie Long. I quibbled with one or two points while reading it, but I was usually giving dap to my computer screen (not really).

One of those freewheeling close readings that the comics bloggers at Mindless Ones do so well: hundreds and hundreds of words about the Bat-Signal, all the Bat-Signals.

And now I think…I think…

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