Event: B2TW’s 100,000th Word Party! (March 23)

When Chris, Margaux and Carl started Back to the World last summer, we talked about having a launch party but were too busy launching the site actually to do it.

Now there are nearly 100,000 words on this damn thing and it seems like about time to have a party. We’ve calculated that 100,000th word (to be announced!) will arrive somewhere around March 23, so that’s when we’re having our little mixer, at our spiritual second home, Double Double Land, down the alley at 209 Augusta Ave. in Toronto.

Please come! It’s only $5. Doors at 8:30, eventful stuff at about 9, hangs after that. The roster of activities will include:

* On-stage words between interesting Torontonians (human names to be announced) who we think should meet and discuss something. (They may or may not be “famous.”)
* Off-stage words among interesting Torontonians, including you. (You may or may not be “famous.”)
* Also offstage: drinks and dancing led by DJ Daniel Vila. Sing along if you know the words.
* Informal dance-floor dance lessons from Chris’s “Teach Me How to Boogie” dialogue partner, choreographer Amelia Ehrhardt. Words not necessary.

What will our 100,000th word be? We hope it’s as good as James Joyce’s.

PS – March 23 is also Joan Crawford’s birthday!


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2 responses to “Event: B2TW’s 100,000th Word Party! (March 23)

  1. Marion (marien) Lewis

    Wonderful! I would be happy to share my journey helping put together a history of the 60’s and 70’s for the AGO. A bit of standup actually. Despite the fact that no one actually cared about the AGO in those days, other than the fact that they paid fees to foreign artists and not Canadian, and this battle was led by Charlie Pachter and the Joyce Weiland (we were too busy making art and having fun to kowtow to the Family Compact), the 60’s and 70’s evidence as collected and shown and memories of all who were there and wish to build a monument has been interesting pressure. In fact, no one can remember what happened, including me. The show closes after two years this on the 16th and the old artistes will make their way to the second floor while Juno nominees sing for their supper in Walker Court. Old style monument building goes on with a new show to open in the spring at MOCA, called This is Paradise” that takes up the clarion call of the 80’s. Harrumph!

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