Tea With Chris: Definite Thrills

Tea With Chris is a roundup of recommended links, posted every Friday. Here are a few of our favourite things from the Internet this week:

Chris: The Mindless Ones interviewed Grant Morrison for 10 000 words or so. It might be a little inside-baseball if you’re not a big comics reader, but you should at least scroll down to read the truly fantastic anecdote involving Leonard Nimoy and My Chemical Romance.

“I, too, felt a definitive thrill when Optimus Prime, in his semi-trailer truck mode, rolled into the airplane hanger where were shooting. With his perfect East LA low-rider detailing, he was a sexy sight to behold and commanded my attention in a way most of my male costars in the past can only hope for. I must admit, I flirted with him shamelessly. I was also asked to run while ‘under fire’ by the Decepticons.  No one asked me to do so, but I found myself SPRINTING full out for at least seven takes. I am 53 and only modestly fit. I can walk 8 miles straight, but sprint?  Never. That is the power of a Michael Bay set.  I have a photo from that day and will mount it on my wall, proudly, like a wild beast head brought back from the time of The Raj.” Frances McDormand!

The funniest aspect of Kate Beaton’s “Strong Female Characters” satire (already a meme) is that the ludicrous poses aren’t even exaggerated at all. There are superhero comics where women wrench their spines into equally alarming configurations every week. Also: “I don’t need a man. There’s just something about this incredibly weak male lead…”

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