Tea With Chris: A Meaningful Melange

Tea With Chris is a roundup of recommended links, posted every Friday. Here are a few of our favourite things from the Internet this week:

Chris: After this site becomes an iPhone app next week, I’m probably going to drive someone to murder with the Waka Flocka and Juicy J buttons.

On a similarly monomaniacal note, someone has resolved to review every Pokémon episode ever on Tumblr. The, uh, appeal of their project will undoubtedly be lost on anyone born before the late 1980s, but what can I say, my generation didn’t get a Fraggle Rock.

Stephen Swift sent a text message from a Lil B concert that blew up a little online, and now he’s written a wonderful explanation of its contexts, personal and political: “So to see B stop rapping that song outright—not even picking it  back up afterwards, which stunned me—in order to clarify what he’d  only briefly and clumsily hinted at in its Youtube video’s description  field; that it was a song about physical and ferocious but necessarily  consensual intercourse; that, further, it dealt with a complicated and  hard-to-elucidate facet of human sexuality, rather than promoted a  brute-forcing through that complication; that we should put our drinks  down and actually flip off sexual offenders, which really does sound  silly on paper but, when taken in context as part of the mélange of  performative acts asked of the audience at a good show, felt meaningful;  I can’t tell you how it was to be there. No other performer has ever  asked me to trust them like that, and I have seen no other performer  assume that their audience would readily accept that challenge.”

(Margaux and Carl are linkless this week.)

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