The Colalogues, by Lauren Bride

by Chris Randle

Maybe you know of the arch-Torontonian and blog friend Lauren Bride from these love letters, or her prose fiction, or her acting, or her sisterly videos, but she writes poetry as well, which I discovered during a spree of soft-drink-related versifying on Monday. Look at these fizzy couplets:

Drink a lot of pop, morning, noon and night,
a Doctorate in Pepper, my undergrad’s in Sprite.

This leaves me overqualified where there’s real employ,
I can’t help my expertise, I just gotta chug my joy.

When next you find you’re struck with thirst and don’t know what to do,
find me in the Appalachians, sourcing fair-trade Mountain Dew.

I wax of unwaxed citrus joys, Limeade, Crush, and Ting!
rinds of an ancient marinader, with a contemporary zing.

Visit @bridebride and scroll backwards for much, much more, a sprightly dance of bubbles and brand names. For all the caffeine she’s figuratively ingesting, her jokes remain poised throughout.

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  1. hohi

    i do love the way you have framed this particular issue.