Tea With Chris: Giant Drag

Tea With Chris is a roundup of recommended links, posted every Thursday. Here are a few of our favourite things from the Internet this week:

Chris: Michael Deforge’s unsettling “Leather Space Men” strip now has a mix to accompany it, full of obscure Minneapolis Sound jams chosen with fetishistic care.

Carl: You may already have seen this mini-documentary that recently surfaced from the 1990s of 13-year-old “dirty girls” who don’t (mostly) give a fuck what the other kids fucking say. They are very pleasant to get to know and the camera is patient with them. I assume by now they’re less sad, or sad for different reasons.

The mean girls called them dirty girls but they called themselves riot grrls. People remember Bikini Kill and Sleater-Kinney but a lot of the associated bands had less aggressive sounds, like Tsunami, and actually asserted a different kind of gender rebellion that way – an ambiguity that (like some boy-fronted bands such as Beat Happening) didn’t submit to the idea that “heavier” (i.e. mas macho) was cooler. Giant Drag, who haven’t put a record out for a decade, was and is that kind of band. They just released a new one this week, Waking Up Is Hard to Do, and you can listen to it in full.

Kacey Musgraves is that kind of musician too, in her own way, but also not – as her album title has it, Same Trailer, Different Park. And you can listen to it as well, and read Ann Powers’ lovely appreciation, at NPR Music.

Meanwhile, as the NDP’s Thomas Mulcair whispers in Washington the things about pipelines he should be shouting at home, this story struck me as rich with Canadian historical contradiction, starting with the name “HudBay Minerals” alone.

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