Tea With Chris: Informative Rob Ford

Tea With Chris is a roundup of recommended links, posted every Thursday. Here are a few of our favourite things from the Internet this week.

Chris: Not to make TWC all-Moroder all the time or anything, but this little story is the most charming moment of gear nerdiness I’ve seen in a while.

Sheila E, 1985, playing lead percussion upright and singing “The Glamorous Life” simultaneously. Then somebody drapes a fur coat on her.

Margaux: Good news for atheists brought to you by Pope Francis

Bad news for fictional female characters in television – TV executives not so comfortable with mothers who “work too hard” at their “away” jobs (NPR)

Good news from Banksy

This is a beautiful thing that happened: Balpreet Kaur & a douchebag demonstrate strength of character on the internet (Jezebel)

Informative Rob Ford video from the young Torontonians (teenagers / Globe & Mail)

Other things happening in Toronto this weekend:

Wednesday Lupypciw & FAG & Christie Pits Park bring you QUEER NOISE SOLIDARITY followed by No Pants No Problem afterparty

Prince Nifty album release party at Holy Oak

and HOMOPHILIA w/ DJs Chris Randle and Alex Ostroff at the Yukon

Carl: This interview with Lawrence Wright packs an advanced degree’s worth of non-fiction writing tips into a very short space.

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  1. seandixon

    Pope Francis has read his Camus.