Tea With Chris: Canadian Heroes

Tea With Chris is a roundup of recommended links, posted every Thursday. Here are a few of our favourite things from the Internet this week.

Chris: Having been a puling newborn when the momentous 1988 Supreme Court decision striking down Canada’s abortion law was achieved, I have less to say about its namesake Dr. Henry Morgentaler, who died yesterday, than Carl might. I would only urge you to read about his extraordinary 90 years: a man who withstood both the Holocaust and zealots’ cruder fires yet philandered out of needy insecurity, a man who lived, in every sense, for women.

This is my cow, Johnny Football.

“Let the mountains collapse into dust and the oceans all boil, but give me brands.”

Margaux: The beautiful and dangerous mind of Marie Calloway is coming soon. tonight! if you’re in New York.

Carl: Canada lost a bona-fide hero this week, Dr. Henry Morgentaler. I liked this appreciation for its more intimate view.

Another Canadian hero, our friend Shary Boyle, is in Venice dazzling people’s motherfuckin’ eyes out. Before she went, she had this nice conversation.

Ask for advice from Maria Bamford’s mom! (As played by Maria Bamford.)

An interview with Marker Starling, aka Toronto musician Chris Cummings (formerly Mantler): “The thing I guess that bugs me about the easy listening label, and this has to do with the dismissive attitude toward a band like the High Llamas, is that people seem to perceive it as music you don’t have to take seriously. To be taken seriously music has to have an element of ‘danger,’ and easy listening, from its name on down, embodies the opposite of danger. It’s safe. But it’s possible to be ‘safe’ and thrilling, melodic, and rhythmically compelling at the same time, and have beautiful melodies and harmonies. If you listen closely to it – take an album like Look Around by Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66 – it’s some of the most thrilling music ever. And I always try to incorporate something that thrills me in my own music, to put some kind of profound beauty into it. I’m not always successful but I try.”

Josh Kun’s project Songs in the Key of L.A., which previously showed us some pretty fantastic sheet-music covers of songs about the city and/or California from bygone years, is going one further and getting current L.A. artists to perform the songs, including Julia Holter and Aloe Blacc.

A gallery of fairy-tale, Seussian places you could actually go, like bamboo forests, floral tunnels, ice caves and pink lakes. What a world.

I really like Fence Books, but I never expected to see them covered by Vice. Although it makes sense now that I think of it.

Mike McGonigal pointed out this beautiful animated story of an encounter with the music collector, artist, antiquarian and much more, Harry Smith:

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