Carl’s Tuesday Musics: Nina Simone, “Feelings”

by Carl Wilson

After a superb show by Joshua Abrams’ Natural Information Society last night, preceded by a fantastic time-traversing folk-song one-man-machine performance by Martin Arnold, someone in conversation mentioned this Nina Simone performance at the 1976 Montreux Jazz Festival of the Morris Albert song that was at that point a completely ubiquitous, world-shrouding hit. The original ironic punk cover version? Perhaps, but so much more. Over the course of playing it, Simone attacks the song satirically and aggressively, tries to get the audience to sing along, and yet also turns schmaltz to bouillabaisse. There’s nothing like it.

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One response to “Carl’s Tuesday Musics: Nina Simone, “Feelings”

  1. gaskin

    this is tearing and tearing away, revealing a whole side of respect for ms. nina, and a sorrow beyond any recent emotions for the sad sad world we inhabit. i sing the song, the crowd are soo uptight and imbued with spectating here. to me it is shameful that given the open invitation to embrace the singer and embellish her gospel offering, that the house just wants the easy out of clapping, prematurely instead of hymning in spontaneous shredding human emotion. she is so abandoned. the video is a deep portrait.
    so very kind of you to drop this punk jazz priestess onto the screen now carl.