What and Who

Back to the World is a group blog about the art and culture that happen to be on our minds. It’s made in Toronto by Chris Randle, Margaux  Williamson and Carl Wilson, plus guests.

Chris Randle used to live in Toronto, but now he lives in New York. He’s written for places like Hazlitt, Real Life, The New York Times Magazine, PitchforkThe Village VoiceArtforum, The Guardian and Little Brother. He has a supporting role of sorts as the only actual teenager in Margaux’s movie Teenager Hamlet. His Tumblr is Beau Travail, his Twitter is @randlechris and his email is quimper [at] gmail.

Margaux Williamson lives in Toronto and was born in Pittsburgh. She was the artist in residence at the Klondike Institute for Arts & Culture in the Yukon and at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto which lead to the making of her first book of paintings, I Could See Everything, launched in 2014 by Coach House Press alongside shows in New York at the Mulherin+Pollard Gallery and in London at Frith Street Gallery. Her first movie, Teenager Hamlet, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and can now be found on UbuWeb. She has written propaganda projects How to Act in Real Life, How to See in the Dark and How to Dress for Our New World for curated projects at the Art Gallery of Ontario in 2012, Toronto’s 2013 Nuit Blanche Festival, and the 2014 book Women in Clothes. Her work has been covered by The Believer, Border Crossings, the Huffington Post, the Globe & Mail and the New York Times, among others. She contributes movie reviews to Back to the World and is currently working on a short book of them.

Carl Wilson is the author of Let’s Talk About Love: Why Other People Have Such Bad Taste, a book about taste, class, democracy and Celine Dion. He is the Music Critic for Slate.com, and a freelance contributor to many other publications. In 2013 and 2015, he played the Prince for All Seasons in Suburban Beast’s production of Sheila Heti’s All Our Happy Days Are Stupid. He is a former newspaper editor, works the door at the Trampoline Hall Lecture Series, lives in the Roncesvalles area of Toronto, and tweets via @carlzoilus.

2 responses to “What and Who

  1. I like your paintings, Margaux.

  2. O, Thank you so much, Margaux. It’s always such a surprise that anyone at all even sees them, so I appreciate you mentioning my work. Kate

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