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Tea With Chris: Thank You For Your Woo

Carl: Next week, Chris and I will again be at the EMP Pop Conference, this time in New York City. If you will also be in New York City, register free by Monday and you can get a badge and jump the lines and watch the geeks geeking.

What’s it like? Please allow Stephen Colbert to explain (or if you need it explained to you in Canadian, go about 45 seconds into here).

Also in attendance, scholar-at-large Jonathan Bogart, whose great blog I’ve just discovered, including two of the truest paragraphs I’ve read (at least about the Internet) this year.

Annals of book reviewing: There’s Godwin’s Law, according to which the first person in an argument to mention Hitler loses. Now meet Evans’s Law, according to which the person who gets everything wrong about Hitler really, really loses.

And finally, a verse in honour of the real Lorax:

Although no doubt they should first read the book
Sit your kids down and have them take a look
At this version free, on the free YouTube station
And don’t pay to see Disney’s abomination.

Chris: I’m glad that my big March trip this year will be to EMP rather than SXSW (here’s only one reason why), but Nitsuh Abebe compromised that a little with his account of “the perfect anti-SXSW band,” Future of the Left. As an inveterate woo-er, this shard of derision from frontman Andy Falkous was especially cutting: “Thank you for your ‘woo.’ I will take it with me until my bath tonight, and wonder what to do with it at that stage.”

This is how that baby got on that Aaliyah song.

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