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Tea With Chris: Tila Ascending

Tea With Chris is a roundup of recommended links, posted every Thursday. Here are a few of our favourite things from the Internet this week:

Chris: My friend Steph recorded an EDM track about Tila Tequila transcending our plane of existence: “YOU USED TO BE ON REALITY TV / BUT NOW YOURE SOMEWHERE BEYOND 3D / DARK SECRETS FROM ILLUMINATI / DONT TRUST THEM IS WHAT YOU TAUGHT ME.” And then a Tila Tequila conspiracist commented on the Youtube page.

As an antidote to every lip-synching-related headline from the past week, some swirling parallelism.

I think illustrated tweets appeal to me in part because of how mediated they are, deliberately rendered spontaneity.

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Little Boxes #101: Unending Torment

(Fan Fiction cassette cover by Steph Davidson, 2012)

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