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Little Boxes #110: Art History

(from an SPX poster, by Chris Ware, 2012)

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Tea With Chris: Salvador Dali’s Flower Shop

Tea With Chris is a roundup of recommended links, posted every Friday. Here are a few of our favourite things from the Internet this week:

Chris: Usamaru Furuya doesn’t just draw gory black comedy. Sometimes he makes heartwarming comics about following your bizarre dreams:

Via Douglas Wolk: “Archie Comics illustrator Dan DeCarlo, who had befriended Eno while lecturing at the Winchester School Of Art, was invited to witness one of Roxy Music’s earliest rehearsals. His impressions of the experience—in particular, Eno’s use of the VCS3 synthesizer to filter the group’s sound—formed the basis for his cover to That Wilkin Boy #10.”

Michael DeForge has been writing a cartoonist’s diary at The Comics Journal all week. One entry mentions Therafields, a cultish psychoanalytic commune from Toronto’s Aquarian period. I’d never heard of it until now, but their leader’s lover seemingly had a gift for…book design?

Carl: Geeta Dayal pays tribute to the late Martin Rushent: His career stretched from Jesus Christ Superstar (he was the engineer) to the Pipettes, but his name is forever linked to the still-underappreciated Human League. In particular Geeta recalls the League Unlimited Orchestra – a remix album before that was a thing, and “one of the most relentlessly avant-garde records in [her] collection.”

This is a question I’ve always wanted to ask but was embarrassed to admit I didn’t already know: Who set the roof on fire? A friend pointed me to this post from February that has the answer, although I think there remains a little uncertainty about whether the chain definitely goes Rock Master Scott –> P-Funk or, possibly, the other way around.

New Yorker/Berliner David Levine is in Toronto right now. He’s a very nice man and he’s directed Habit, a show in the Luminato festival that is free and freaky: an all-day performance of a 90-minute play “on a loop,” with the same lines but improvised staging every time, that you watch through the windows of a house built inside another building. It’s live theatre, it’s reality TV, it’s a parody of kitchen-sink American drama, it’s an acting study, whatevs, I’m excited to see it.

And now … it seems like a day for some Carmen Amaya.

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