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Tea With Chris: Cesare Pavese Follows

Tea With Chris is a roundup of recommended links, posted every Friday. Here are a few of our favourite things from the Internet this week:

Carl: When someone publishes a “greatest books” list, it’s usually either the same list as every other list, or not actually featuring great books. But this 100 books list shocked me because I’ve never seen half these novels listed like this before, and the ones that I’ve read are among my own favourite books. This was especially surprising because what you see first, at #100, is a Margaret Atwood novel, inauspiciously. But then Cesare Pavese follows. (Don’t worry, there are lots of other women on the list.) It’s great that Alex Carnevale includes mystery and science-fiction novels, and a deliciously indulgent number of Thomas Bernard books. And the capsule descriptions sharply convey the character of each book and the thinking behind its selection. If you’re like me and haven’t read nearly half of them, there are months of pleasure in store for us.

Chris: Via Aaron Ulledal on Facebook, a two-minute neo-noir:

Here are several fine stills of the late Michael Gough, including one from Ronald Neame’s The Horse’s Mouth where he closely resembles a guest of our 100,000th Word party next week.


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Temporarily decamped (to the Slate Music Club)

by Carl Wilson

I won’t be posting an original piece here on B2TW this week because I’m busy beating the dead horse of 2010 music with Ann Powers, Jody Rosen and Jonah Weiner over at the Slate Music Club. I posted my list of 50 picks – 25 albums, 25 singles, however you define those terms – this afternoon. (I’ll put the raw-data long list up on my own site Zoilus later in the week.) But rest assured that with that step out of the way, the talk from here will get more wide-ranging, disputatious and refreshing – it’s mainly a What Did It All Mean discussion, not the What’s On Your List And Why Isn’t Your List More Like Mine kind. (Though you bet it snaps right back to that kind in the comments.)

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